About Killinchy Gold

Creating masterful ice cream doesn’t just happen. It’s a process that takes years of practice, discovery and refinement to perfect.

Our story began many years ago in a small Canterbury farmhouse kitchen. A local farmer was passionate about crafting ice cream that tasted as creamy and pure as the one his grandmother used to make. He spent his time perfecting the traditional family recipe, using the best local ingredients from around New Zealand. The creation became a labour of love, the hours were long, but the result was deliciously rewarding, an ice cream that was so creamy and decadent that once people tasted it, they would have an insatiable desire for more.

Over the years, we’ve made an art of it, creating indulgent flavours and textures that delight. But we also look to push boundaries, forge new tastes to combine the new with the traditional. And as much as South Island prospectors sought out their fortune back in the day, we’ll continue to hunt for new richness, fossick for new methods and uncover new flavour combinations – sometimes in the most unexpected places – until we find exactly what we are looking for:

Killinchy Gold, masters of premium New Zealand ice cream.

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